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Free Overlander Magazine

The great folks over at publish a lovely monthly magazine and they’re giving away a free one this month. You can download yours here. There’s some wonderful imagery and long well thought through...

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Video: North Trip

Here’s another video that I love. Again made by professional film makers Soup Bowl Filmmaking and so something to inspire me this is short and sweet:

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Ultimate Off-Grid Campervan

From the Great Aussie Adventure Facebook page these images show the epitome of what owning a camper like the Unimog is all about. The couple have been camped here near Broome in western Australia for 5 weeks. Shots...

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Planning the 2016 Summer trip

Well like most of you we’re real close to jumping in the van and heading off again. I am so excited! School boy excited! And this is why I love doing this and boring...

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VW Campers Do Scotland’s NC500

When the Scottish Tourist Board threw down the gauntlet by rebranding their north-coast coast road as the alternative to Northern America’s Route 66 – the NC500 – it captured the imagination of many. One...